About Housetrade.co.uk

The long anticipated arrival of Housetrade.co.uk is now upon us. For a limited time only we are currently offering the opportunity to advertise your property for sale for FREE! Housetrade is predominantly a private (for sale by owner) property portal enabling you to sell your property by yourself. Sellers can save thousands of pounds in estate agents’ fees where as Buyers can save by negotiating directly with the Seller.

Thinking that selling your house privately may be difficult?In fact it is really easy. All options are fully explained on the website and there is also a handy wizard process to guide you through creating your advert. Upon uploading your property details and creating an advert you have the option of using the ‘Step-By-Step Wizard’ or ‘Add a New Property’ tab, either way will achieve the same result.

Additionally, Housetrade has teamed up with all the specialist providers needed for buying and selling a house, all of which can be found on the website. Surveys, energy performance certificates and conveyancing services are just some of the professional services on offer with our carefully selected partners.It is a common misconception that estate agents handle all of the legal issues in selling a house, whereas in reality agents also refer specialist providers. By bringing all the required services under one banner, Housetrade.co.uk provides the perfect tools for selling a house from start right through to completion, at a fraction of the cost of an estate agent.  

Already with an Agent?You CAN advertise with Housetrade even if your property is already on the market with an estate agent as long as the agent does not have sole selling rights (meaning, that even if a relative buys your property without introduction from the agent commission will still be charged for the sale). Remember Housetrade.co.uk is not an estate agent so any ‘sole agency selling rights’ do not apply. 

Remember there are 3 different options available when choosing what method you want to sell your house. Below is a quick summary of each but more details are available on the website:

  • Classified Advert Viewings can be arranged online at a time that suits both parties and secure offers can be placed through the ‘Make an Offer’ feature.
  • Auction/Buy It Now – For those of you looking for another solution in achieving the best price for your property there is the Online Auction/BIN, providing nationwide coverage without the need to travel endless miles.
  • Trade/Part-Exchange – To register simply add both the details of the property you are selling along with the criteria you are looking for to enable Housetrade.co.uk to find a two way match on properties. After agreeing to Trade the difference in valuations will be paid through the mortgage just like a standard sale.

Advertise for FREE NOW visit:www.housetrade.co.uk to take advantage of this special introductory offer.

Your feedback is always appreciated so if you have any comments on how you feel our service may be improved or any question in general that isn’t answered in our Frequently Asked Questions then please don’t hesitate to email info@housetrade.co.uk or contact us on 0161 431 3819


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